BOLARS decoration materials

For more than 20 years, the leader in the production of finishing materials in the Russian Federation.

BOLARS is a manufacturer of materials for professional construction.

A company for which the Internet direction was not the main one, but at some point everything is changing. So it happened in this case.

For this company, several types of selling pages were created for promotion and advertising both in networks and in organic search, a lot of improvements and scripts were added to track and understand user behavior in order to improve the experience of communicating with the site, Internet acquiring from Sberbank was introduced to pay on site, and also do not forget about updating the main site and adding new features for it.

Let’s start 🙂

Sales (landing) pages for the company

CMS: WordPress 5.

Short list of works:

  • Landing of the first type – monoproduct (more than 10 varieties in a single style);
  • The second type of landing is the category of goods with promotional offers (more than 10 separate groups of goods united by common navigation);
  • The third type of landing is a generalized catalog of goods with a competent organization, description and link to the product card (more than 100 products);
  • All types of landing page are optimized for viewing on any type of device and screen resolution.
  • Basic functionality in the form of adaptability, contact forms, spam protection, optimization of download speed and caching settings. And much more.)

Service, support and refinement

CMS: 1С – Bitrix.

Short list of work:

  • Edits to the site layout;
  • Changing the structure of the menu and navigation in sections as a whole;
  • New product catalog, smart filters, sortings, new product previews;
  • Functional changes to the product card;
  • Change page templates;
  • Adding a branch network – each branch with its information is dynamically replaced on all pages;
  • Error correction;
  • Adding a new script of reverse forms, implementing conversion tracking on Yandex Metric and Google Advertising services.
  • Adding payment functionality on the site and much more.
Main page: Editing elements, adding forms
Product Catalog: Adding CTA – elements, filters for products, editing the layout, contact forms.
Point of Sale Table: Changing the Template and Correcting Card Performance
Product page: Change the side menu, breadcrumbs, add product recommendations, add contact forms for consultation and ordering.
Privacy policy. 152-FZ
Contacts section: editing a template, changing information, adding forms.
Adding a selection of branches in the header, changing information on the site in accordance with the branch

Online payment module on the site (Sberbank Acquiring with an API connection)

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